Smoke Taint Bulletin: Summer 2018

July 24, 2018

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What we Know

The latest technical information available suggests that smoke taint exists in both a Free and Bound (glycosylated) Form. Use of RO and carbon is the best method available for removing the Free Form.

  • Removing Free Form markedly improves aroma and flavor of smoke-impacted wines
  • RO and carbon cannot remove Bound Form
  • Bound Form thought to be responsible for recurrence of taint following RO treatment

Test Track

We have focused on removal methods that reduce the concentration of glycosylated smoke taint molecules (Bound Form), as measured by total guaiacol analysis.

What's Been Done

We have trialed a variety of membranes and can now isolate Bound Form into permeate for treatment.

Treatment methods we have tried include: carbon, acidification, and new Molecular Imprinted Polymers (MIPs). The MIP Results show great promise, reducing Bound and Free Form by over 50% in early trials.

What’s Next

We are working to refine, validate, and scale the MIP based methods, we expect to be able to perform bench-scale trials on customer wines as early as September.

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