Brettanomyces & Microbial Taint Removal


Winemaking Challenge: Brettanomyces (Brett) became established in your wine.

In small amounts, Brett can add complexity to your wine. Once a critical concentration is reached, however, the spoilage yeast can exhibit undesirable characters or suppress desirable components

  • Hints of horse, copper penny…” If you can taste Brett in your wine, so can the critics.  You will need to remove its unwelcome influence.
  • "The lovely aromas the wine exhibited when young are muted." Compounds from Brett below sensory threshold will mask attractive fruit aromas. 

Winesecrets can guide you through this problem.

Start by experiencing the wine without the burden of Brett taint using Winesecrets' Test Track. Verify your wine's potential before full scale treatment.

Use Winesecrets Molecular Reverse Osmosis (200 MWC) for its targeted removal of phenolic microbial taints. How does this work? 

  • Water, alcohol and small aromatic compounds including those responsible for taint are separated from the rest of the wine. 
  • The taint compounds are selectively removed by adsorption with carbon.
  • The water and alcohol are recombined into the wine.

Reverse Osmosis Diagram

Molecular Reverse Osmosis for removal of Phenolic Microbial Taints

Your results

Winesecrets can remove Brett taint compounds from a wine at rates up to 500 gallons per hour. With this efficient taint reduction technology:

  • Free from the aroma suppression of Brett taint, your wine reveals the flavor and aroma you intended.
  • Dirty aromas are mitigated.   
  • Blend rates to mitigate off-aromas are reduced.
  • Wines that might have suffered downgrading may retain their premium status.

Your advantage

Winesecrets' Brett taint removal system employs 200 molecular weight, Molecular RO filters. Your benefits for choosing to work with us include:

  • Wine Integrity: Water, alcohol and the offending components are treated, leaving all other wine components intact.
  • Targeted Treatment: Our competitors use larger pore membranes, with more of the wine's important sensory elements contacting the treatment media.  
  • Superior Outcomes: Winesecrets uses a highly selective form of adsorptive carbon, which out-performs bulk carbon methods and organic ion exchange.

Winesecrets has conducted Brett taint removal on over 250,000 gallons of wine throughout North America. Many of these wines have gone on to garnish critical acclaim and rapid depletion. Our highly trained, professional staff can return your wine to its intended flavor profile at your winery or at our central location in Sebastopol, CA.  

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