Crossflow Clarification To Reduce Wine Loss

Winemaking Challenge: Large volumes of wine to filter and not much time.


Production schedules can press your filtration system and your staff for time. Filtration requirement come from many sources:

  • "The filter is down again."  If you system is inoperable, you can miss critical bottling schedules.
  • "We are treating for smoke taint." Many wine treatment options using reverse osmosis, including VA removal and smoke taint require pre-filtration.
  • "Our goal is to create less waste." Diatomaceous Earth (DE) requires messy solids handling and hauling to a landfill.
  • "We lose too much wine when filtering."  You spent a lot of money on fruit and barrels and each gallon to the drain is significant.

Winesecrets can guide you through these problems.  

Winesecrets utilizes cross flow filtration for solids removal and clarification. How does it work?

  • Wine passes tangentially across a membrane. Pressure difference causes small materials to pass through.
  • Solid do not pass through and are swept away in the tangential flow, keeping the filter surface clear.
  • Wine in nominally filtered to 0.25 microns.

Your Results

Your cross-flow filtered wine is:

  • Ready for bottling on schedule.
  • Clean enough for taint removal.
  • Filtered with no loss of volume or solids handling.

Your Advantages

Winesecrets has been filtering wine with cross flow for 10 years. Your benefits of choosing to work with us include:

  • Technological: Della Toffola's industry leading ceramic membranes provide fast, effective filtration and requires minimal stoppages for cleaning.
  • Lightest Touch: Smallest impact on treated wine in the industry with no landfill requirement.
  • Estate Service: Don’t want to ship your wine until it is safely in the bottle? No problem.  Winesecrets mobile cross flow technology is easily portable, allowing us to come to you.

Winesecrets has conducted cross flow filtration on over 1 million gallons of wine throughout North America. Our highly trained, professional staff can filter your wine at your winery or at our central location in Sebastopol, CA.   


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