Custom Filtration Systems for Wineries


Multifunctional Reverse Osmosis platforms to operate Winesecrets' suite of value added applications.

A custom Reverse Osmosis (RO) platform for Targeted Filtration may best suit your needs. Winesecrets will scale systems for large scale production or artisanal scale filtration and treatment.  These systems combine the reliability of General Electric construction with our operational experience to provide cutting edge capabilities. Winesecrets offers a variety of functional application packages (APPS) used to remove specific aspects from wine or juice. Uses of targeted filtration for wine production include:

  • Water removal for must concentration
  • Reduction of acetic acid or ethyl acetate concentration
  • Removal of higher molecular weight contaminants (smoke/ brett taint)
  • Management of color intensity using ultrafiltration
  • Removal of ethanol, when used in conjunction with secondary distillation or osmotic transport system (requires Distilled Spirits Permit).

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