Custom Engineered Filtration Systems

for Winemakers and Wineries


Winesecrets provides industrial systems for winery applications at your site, assuring proper installation, commissioning and operability. These systems combine the reliability of General Electric construction with our operational experience to provide cutting edge capabilities.

Engineered Systems include:

  • 4000 Series Artisanan Reverse Osmosis (RO) Platforms
  • 8000 Series Large Scale Reverse Osmosis Platforms
  • Custom Reverse Osmosis Platforms
  • New installations for Wastewater Treatment with Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) technology
  • Retrofit Membrane Bioreactor systems for existing winery wastewater treatment facilities
  • Maintenance and repair of your RO or other tangential flow system
  • Membrane replacement for your RO or other tangential flow system

Winesecrets can guide you to determine the right membrane system for your winery's needs. Ask about our Zero Liquid Waste winery concept, which combines many of these technologies to recycle all your winery's precious water input.

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