Premium Grape Spirits for Winemakers

Winemaking Challenge: You need high quality, reliable grape spirits for your operations.

  • "We need to high quality alcohol to fortify this wine now." Poor quality alcohol can lead to off aromas and flavors in Port and fortified wines due to fusel oils in the distillate.
  • “The alcohol content in this second lot of bulk wine is lower than what we stated on the label”.  If your ABV differs from that stated on the label, you can have a thorny compliance issue to resolve.
  • "I know this wine can be even better." Optimize flavor and aroma through alcohol sweetspot.
  • "We need to make sure this place is clean at all times." Sanitation is critical in winery operations and access to high proof spot sanitizer can prevent spoilage issues in the future.

Winesecrets can guide you through these problems.

Start with TestTrack. You can trial samples at varying alcohol levels to find the wine's best alcohol concentration.

After tasting your Test Track results, use one of our three quality Grape Spirit options for alcohol concentrations increase.


Winesecrets offers Premium Grape Spirits for alcohol addition and sanitation requirements.  Distilled from wine, these products with three levels of alcohol content (170, 180 & 190 proof), will provide you with the alcohol you need to meet stylistic requirement.

Your Results

Premium Grape Spirits will provide high quality, cost effective ethanol for your winery. With the addition of high proof

  • Fortify wines with no undesired characteristics
  • Assure the desired concentration of alcohol in all products
  • Hit the Sweetspot for aroma and flavor
  • Confidently clean winery surfaces quickly and efficiently

Your Advantages

Premium Grape Spirits are derived from wine. They are column distilled to provide clean product without the "tails" of pot still product.

  • Highest Quality: Smoother, more refined spirits than pot still produced with rejection of fusel oils.
  • Choice: Three levels of quality and proof to efficiently meet your ABV and stylistic targets.
  • Quantities to Meet Your Requirements: Premium Grape Spirits are available in quantities from 5 gallon pails to tanker trucks.

Winesecrets has sold over 500,000 gallons of premium grape spirits to wineries throughout North America. Our highly trained, professional staff produces and packages the highest quality distilled grape spirits to meet all your winery ethanol needs.



Premium Grape Spirit Sales

Our Unique Trio Of Products . . . Perfect For Many Applications!

The Highest Quality Spirits Harvested From Top Wine Varietals

High Proof (Grape Spirits) is 170 proof alcohol distilled from wine. Winesecrets high proof is the highest quality Grape Spirits available. Column-distilled, our spirit is smoother and more refined than pot still alcohols. Column distillation allows for rectification, eliminating fusel oils and other distillation "tails" that typically accompany pot still product.

170 Proof

  • Single distillation
  • Continuous column distilled from RO permeate
  • Clean spirit; somewhat fruity character; great for general wine fortification and cellar sanitation

180 Proof

  • Double distilled
  • Batch method; Original Blend re-distilled in a copper pot still with rectification column
  • Very clean spirit; pleasant, fruity character
  • Perfect for fortifying high-end/premium wines, making ports, and use in alcohol tincture making where fruity character is desired

190 Proof

  • Triple Distilled
  • Batch method; Premium Blend re-distilled in a vodka column
  • Exceptionally clean spirit; neutral character
  • Great for any use where a true neutral spirit is required including vodka, wine spirits additions, sanitation, tincture making

Non-Beverage Uses

  • Cellar sanitation
  • Herbal tinctures

In addition to being a winery sanitation go-to, our products are quickly becoming a resource for the medicinal industry. Our spirits are ideal for making medicinal herbal tinctures and cannabis extracts. Available at 190 proof and fully derived from wine, our Premium Grape Spirits are much better than neutral grain spirits like Everclear, and far more accessible - we'll ship to you!

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