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High Proof Grape Spirits and UX-520 High Color Wine

Winesecrets offers two distinct products for wine color and alcohol concentration optimization. UX-520 High Color Wine is a 100% vinifera high intensity red wine colorant product. Premium Grape Spirits are grape derived alcohol for additions and sanitation requirements.

UX-520 High Color Wine:

UX-520 is a concentrated vinifera red wine. Produced with a patent pending process of Flash Détente and Ultrafiltration, UX-520 will intensify red wine color increasing intensity without the sugar that comes from concentrate products.

Premium Grape Spirits:

Winesecrets offers Premium Grape Spirits. Distilled from wine, these products with three levels of alcohol content (170, 180 & 190 proof), will provide you with the alcohol you need to meet stylistic requirements, ABV regulations and spot sanitation needs.

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