Custom Wine Packaging

to Bring Ideas to the Marketplace

Canning Service

Winemaking Challenge: You have an idea for new beverage or a new package and need relatively small quantities to prove the concept:

  • "I want an alternative package for my wine." Create prototype of current wine product in can.
  • "You know what would really sell well?" Ciders, fruit alcohols and sangrias are pulling a small but significant share of the alcohol market.
  • "Bubbles?"  Sparkling versions of the above products can be developed and trialed.

Winesecrets can guide you through this challenge.

Winesecrets offers proof of concept packaging and beverage development. Most packaging options are available and Winesecrets has the capacity and technology to create the product you specify:

  • Cans, crown cap bottles, or wine bottles
  • State of the art inline carbonator
  • Access to Winesecrets technologies to add or remove alcohol, concentrate color, remove taints
  • Produce and package lots as small as 240 gallons

Your Results

Winesecrets Proof of Concept offering puts your desired product in the packaging you need to make decisions regarding further investment.

  • Your wine can be test marketed for viability in a can
  • You can trial "alcopops," ciders, sangrias or a Zima reboot
  • Add carbonation to your product slate to test for flavor consistency and market dynamics

Your Advantages

Winesecrets can give you the assistance you need to take your new product from the drawing board to the marketplace.

  • Product can arrive ready for packaging via tote or tanker truck
  • Winesecrets' suite of technologies allows you to get the product just how you want it prior to packaging
  • Small Lot Proof of Concept (240 gal) production allows minor purchases of alternative package material

Winesecrets has canned over 500,000 gallons of cider, wine and OTS Beverages for customers. Our highly trained, professional staff will provide your product with your exact specifications at our central location in Sebastopol, CA.  


Packaging Options
  • Cans
    • 187 ml
    • 250 ml
    • 300 ml
    • 375 ml
    • 12 oz
  • Crown Cap Bottles
    • 375 ml
    • 500 ml
    • 16 oz
    • 22 oz
  • Wine Bottle (cork or screw cap)
    • 375 ml
    • 750 ml


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