Custom R&D Services

for the Wine Production Industry


Winesecrets offers you the opportunity to conduct research on alternative packaging and products. Winesecrets also offers ColorFull Wine, its 100% vinifera high intensity red wine colorant product.

Packaging and Product Options include:

  • Cans, crown cap bottles, bags and alternatively sized bottles
  • Carbonation of existing products
  • Blending of fruit products and alcohol for Other Than Standard (OTS) beverages

Winesecrets has the tools to add or remove alcohol, add carbonation, remove unwanted flavor components and package a product in many different options. Production runs can be as small as 500 gallon to prove your concept to marketing and test groups.

Colorfull Wine:

Colorfull Wine is a concentrated vinifera red wine. Produced with a patent pending process of Flash Détente and Ultrafiltration, Colorfull Wine will intensify red wine color increasing intensity without the sugar that comes from concentrate products.

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