Advanced Filtration Services

for Wine Production

Advanced Filtration Services


Winemaking challenges can come from many sources: environmental conditions, cellar practices, Marketing, mechanical failure or corporate edict. You can address these challenges. Winesecrets can guide you with an array of value added services:

  • Taint Removal: remove undesirable characters from your wine to bring out its true expression. Taints include:
    • Volatile acidity
    • Environmental Taints
    • Brettanomyces
    • Unknown Taints
  • Alcohol Removal: reduce alcohol concentration to optimize flavor and aroma, reduce tax burden or match label requirement
  • Crossflow Clarification: Fast efficient wine filtration with very low volume loss
  • Color Concentration: Ultrafiltration to legally intensify red wine color or lighten white wine shade
  • Flash Détente: minimize skin contact with loss of color when environmental factors dictate (smoke, botrytis, mold, rain, under ripeness)

You have the option of where you address these challenges. Our highly trained, professional staff can return you wine to its intended flavor profile at your winey or at our central location in Sebastopol, CA.

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