Wine Taint Removal

To Maximize Wine Flavor And Expression


Aggressive winemaking where a winemaker is taking risks to maximize flavor and expression can often lead to various taints, including volatile acidity, high alcohol and Brettanomyces. Environmental conditions can also interfere in the winemaking process with ill-timed rain, the occasional forest fire or other sight specific contaminants. In any of these cases, Winesecrets’ tangential flow technology is available to restore those sought-after characteristics.

Reverse osmosis for volatile acidity (VA) and alcohol removal in wine received patent approval on January 2, 1996. It’s U.S. Patent No. 5,480,665. Since then, its use has been expanded to other tangential flow methods to remove off-aroma compounds from “Brett” and smoke, to concentration juice following rain events prior to fermentation and to improve red wine color or remove unwanted color from whites.

The selective nature of reverse osmosis allows for treatment of specific taint compounds. In the case of acetic acid and ethyl acetate (VA), only the taint components, water and alcohol are treated with ion exchange to remove the VA, leaving the aroma and flavor compounds untouched. Similarly, other taints are treated as they pass through a selective membrane, preventing the delicate sensory characters from treatment. With juice concentration, only water passes through the membrane, leaving sugar and flavor intact.

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