Ultra Filtration

for Wine Color Intensity


Winemaking Challenge: Wine color is not as expected or desired.

Color is an important factor in the perception of wine quality. When color is not as expected, you can experience challenges:

  • "Does this look like last vintage?" Your red wine is not as dark and dense as prior vintages
  • "This does not look like Sauvignon Blanc." Your white wine is too dark for its variety and style.
  • "Accidents happen." Someone has just blended a barrel of red wine into your white tank

Winesecrets can guide you through this problem.

Start with Winesecrets' Test Track.  You can trial samples at varying color concentration or color removal levels to find the wine’s best optimal hue.

After tasting your Test Track results, use Winesecrets Ultra Filtration (UF) for targeted color adjustment.  How does it work? 

Ultra Filtration for Targeted Color Adjustment

  • Membrane pore size, permeate and retentate volumes are selected to make the desired fractions
  • Ultra filtering red wine provides two separate wines that stand alone on their own merits: a partial concentration of color and tannin in a red wine (10-30%) can make it more robust.
  • Ultra filtration removes wine components which may be concentrated and utilized in other wines, resulting in very small process losses

Your Results

Winesecrets can correct color issues at rates up to 20 gallons per minute. Wines with color adjustment will be:

  • Reds with color consistent with other vintages.
  • Whites without oxidative browning; consistent with house style.
  • Accidentally miss-blended wine addressed.  The Winesecrets Difference



Your Advantages

Winesecrets has conducted ultra filtration on over 500,000 gallons of wine throughout North America. Your benefits of choosing to work with us include:

  • Compliance: Winesecrets' UF  is the only color concentration method for wine that is TTB approved.
  • Capability: With varying pore sizes (10,000 - 100,000 molecular weight) UF targets the specific fractions for separation, allowing winemakers to achieve desired color outcomes.
  • Estate Service: Don't want to ship your wine until it is safely in the bottle? Winesecrets mobile UF is easily portable, allowing us to come to you.

Winesecrets has corrected wine color on fine wines for 15 years. Our highly trained, professional staff bring your wine to its desired color concentration.    

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