Improve Wine Color Intensity with UX-520

Using Wine from Vinifera Grapes

UX-520 High Color Wine

Winemaking Challenge: Red wine color does not meet expectations.

  • "The color was better last year." Vintage variation and unexpected weather conditions can affect color.
  • "How high was the yield?" Over-cropping or poor canopy management can bring about under-ripe or under-colored fruit.
  • "Marketing wants a more intense appearance." Aroma and flavor are acceptable, but wine lacks the color requested by marketing.

Winesecrets can guide you through this problem.

Winesecrets now offers UX-520 High Color Wine to improve red wine color intensity. UX-520 is wine from vinifera grapes, concentrated to bring about the greatest color intensity possible.

  • Cabernet Sauvignon or other typical reds are extracted with Flash Détente.
  • Resultant highly colored wine is concentrated with Ultrafiltration.
  • UX-520 is delivered to you in quantities ranging from 5 gallon pails to 330 gallon totes.

Your Results

UX-520 High Color Wine adds color to your wine.

  • Intensity (Absorbance at 420 nm + 520 nm) increases to bring about a richer, darker appearing wine.
  • UX-520 favors red pigments (520 nm) bringing more red character and less brown color. Your wine matches or exceeds color from prior vintages.
  • Marketability and perceived quality increase
  • Wine is judged on flavors and aromas and not appearance.

Your Advantages

UX-520 is wine with no residual sugar or increased alcohol made from vinifera grapes: Your benefits of using this product include:

  • Wine Integrity: Your wine is 100% vinifera. The competitors color additive is made from a hybrid bred with vitis rupestris.
  • Wine consistency: Concentrate additives derived from hybrid grapes bring along distinct native characters and significant sugar.
  • Operational Efficiency: Filterability is not an issue as with juice concentrate additives.

Winesecrets has generated considerable excitement with samples of UX-520.  Our highly trained, professional staff will help develop additive trials to demonstrate that UX-520 is the best method to achieve the color profile you desire.


Let us fix your problem with UX-520