Volatile Acidity Removal from Wine

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Winemaking Challenge: High Volatile Acidity

Acetic acid concentration in your wine is elevated. This results in the following challenges:

  • "My wine is not as expressive as I expected." Volatile acidity aromas are masking the desirable components of your wine. 
  • "The ferment will not go to dryness." You have a fermentation that cannot finish due to high volatile acidity (VA).
  • "This wine cannot legally leave the premises." Your wine seems fine, but volatile acidity is higher than the legal limit.

Winesecrets can guide you through this challenge.

Winesecrets utilizes Reverse Osmosis (RO) for its targeted taint removal of VA.

  • Water, alcohol and acetic acid are separated from the rest of the wine.
  • Acetic acid removed.
  • Our process involves recirculation of the wine in a single tank, which reduces the risk of oxidation and manages the headspace of your wine. This gentle and selective handling keeps your intended aroma profile intact. 

Volatile Acid Removal Diagram, Illustrating the Reverse Osmosis Process

Your Results

Winesecrets can remove 50% of the VA from a wine at rates up to 400 gallons per hour. With this efficient VA reduction technology:

  • Your wine demonstrates its intended flavor and aroma potential.
  • Stuck fermentations reinitiate and ferment to dryness.
  • Your wine is below the legal limit for volatile acidity.


    Your Advantages

    Winesecrets' RO system has the smallest impact on treated wine in the industry. Using Ionic RO pore size membrane (100MW), your benefits for choosing to work with us include:

    • Target Treatment: Only the offending acetic acid compound is treated and removed, leaving all other wine components intact
    • Selective Media: Our competitors use larger pore membranes, with more of the wine's important sensory elements contacting the treatment media. 
    • Smallest Impact: The competition's method removes important wine acids, requiring acid balance (adding malic and tartaric acid) after treatment.

    Winesecrets has conducted volatile acidity reduction on over 5 million gallons of wine throughout North America. Our highly trained, professional staff can return your wine to its intended flavor profile at your winery or at our central location in Sebastopol, CA. 


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